I Will Worship with Others

June 11, 2017 Speaker: Lorenzo Elizondo Series: I Will!

Passage: Acts 2:42–2:47

This past Sunday we were reminded of the importance of prioritizing worship with our church family. From our sermon, "I Will Worship with Others" we learned that true worship flows from the heart in recognition and response to the glory of God because of, or through, an understanding of the good news of the gospel. Here are the 4 actions steps from Acts 2:42-47

1. I will attend worship services - For many Christians all other activities have become mandatory while the worship serve has become an optional afterthought. We must make corporate worship a priority in out lives and not just an option of convenience.

2. I will pray before I attend worship services - This can be done the night before or the morning of, but we should pray for our attitude of worship. Pray for God to speak to you, to speak to others, and for His presence to be present is unique and special way. Basically you want to prepare your heart to come before God in worship and pray for others.

3. I will pray as I enter the church or the sanctuary - Once again, this about giving God thanks and praise. Thanking Him for my church family, my brothers and sisters in Christ, and praying for my heart and mind not be distracted, and for God to save those who are from Him.

4. I will worship God and not just be a spectator - Too often we come church and miss the opportunity to engage with God because we re focused on other things instead of Him. I will come to worship with the heart and mindset that I am here to meet with God, to worship Him, and to hear His Word so that I can go out carry out His mission for my life.

LifePoint Church is a family of families. Imperfect people serving a perfect God. We're grateful to God for His grace, love, and mercy that He makes known to us through this awesome family. We love you and we're praying for you. Have a blessed week.

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