we're glad you're here!

Good morning! Thank you for joining us today! In order for us to love our neighbors, and serve your family well, we have modified today's service. These adjustments are minimal, however we feel that they are necessary in order to adhere to the CDC and City of Dallas guidelines. Please read the details below and follow the links in order to be aware of these changes. Again, thank you for joining us to worship the Lord today!
1.  Covid-19 Release Form: https://bit.ly/2V3p6RY
Please click the link above and fill out the form for you and any friends or family with you. This form will help us ensure that everyone attending
is in good health to their best understanding. If you are unsure about a question or symptom, please ask one of our ushers in the parking lot.

2. KidsPoint
We love KidsPoint kids, and want them to stay healthy! However, in order to ensure the safety of our superstar kids, KidsPoint will be close
for the foreseeable future. If you need to step away from the sanctuary during the service for any reason, please feel free to do. Our ushers
and hospitality team will be happy to serve or help you in any way.

3. Restrooms
In order to keep our facilities as clean as possible, we are limiting restroom use to 1 person, or one adult and child at a time. We apologize for
any inconvenience this may cause. We will have a Dream Team member at each restroom to monitor everyone going in and out. If you have a
questions please let us know.

4. Coffee, Bibles, Bulletins and Communion
Coffee, breakfast, bulletins, and Bibles will not be given out today. If you would like to follow along with today's sermon passage, click the
"Bible" tab on the app! Our bulletin is available on the app homepage as well. If you would like to take communion with us, our ushers will give
you the cup and bread.