The Plot to Kill the King

We're halfway through Holy Week, and although tonight seems normal, a strange silence has fallen over the scribes and pharisees.

All of Jerusalem is preparing for Passover, the temple is once again jam packed, and Jesus is preaching to his faithful people. This time, he owns the crowd. There's no longer any confusion on who is in charge. All eyes are glued to Jesus and ears lean in to hear every word that he is speaking. However, people's minds can't help but wonder where their religious leaders are at. "Did they give up? They were so angry last night. Where could they possibly be?"

The leaders haven't given up. In just two days, they've lost respect from the people, and their authority has been duped by Jesus. Now, they're ready to take matters into their own hands. For the rest of the night, they remain in shadows. Their doors are locked, they speak in whispers, and devise a plan to get rid of Jesus once and for all.