The King is Alive

Today is Sunday, the final day of Holy Week. The disciples are still shaking with fear and doubt, and Mary prepares to finish preparing Jesus’ body and say goodbye, one last time. However, this Sunday will be unlike any other.

It’s the third day since Jesus died on the cross. His disciples are gathered together, unsure what the next move is. Mary Magdalene quickly gathers whatever supplies she needs and heads out to prepare Jesus’ body. A thousand questions are running through her head, but the one thing she’s sure of is that she wants to see Jesus.

She’s weeping as she hurriedly walks to the tomb. She remembers her life changing encounter with Jesus. She remembers the torture that The King suffered and is preparing herself to see his destroyed body once again. It’s still very early in the morning, the sun hasn’t come up yet, but as she approaches the gravesite, she notices that something’s off. Something doesn’t seem right. The boulder that blocked the tomb has been rolled away. The tomb is empty.

“Who stole his body?” Her hands start to tremble and tears flood her face, and panic begins to fill her heart. She drops her bags and ceramic bowls crash to the floor in pieces. Mary takes a breath and runs off to break the news to the disciples.

Peter, James, and John jump out from their beds at the sound of thumping at the door. It’s Mary. She’s frantic. She can hardly speak.

“He’s gone! Jesus is gone!” She utters and runs back to the tomb.

The three men take a look at each other and take off behind her. Their darkest dream has come true: Jesus has died and his body is missing. They arrive and dash into the tomb. All that remains are linen and cloth. This reality is too much to bear and the men walk back home in defeat.  Mary stands outside weeping as the men walk off. She can’t believe it.

But then, in a flash two angels appeared in the tomb. They flashed like lightning, dressed in white, and asked Mary, “Woman, why are you weeping?”

She replied with her face still in her palms, “They have taken away my Lord and I do not know where they have laid him”. (John 20:13).

Another voice speaks and this time Mary turns around.

“Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?” he asks.

She doesn’t recognize him. She thinks he’s the gardener.

“Mary”, he says.

This voice sounds familiar. Could this be him? Mary lifts her head.

“Teacher!” Her sorrow turns to joy as she looks up and sees Jesus!

Mary hurries back to the disciples again. This time, it’s a run of freedom. She’s laughing the entire time. Her tears are gone. She hasn’t smiled this big in what seems forever.

Shortly after appearing to Mary, Jesus goes to visit his disciples. They’re amazed. Some can’t believe it, but Jesus allows them to touch his wounds, and reminds them of the promise he made to come back to life.

Nailed. Dead. Risen. The King is alive!

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