Where we are the church to one another and the city.

Life Groups are smaller gatherings where we get to be the church to one another as well as to the city. In other words, "church" is not just a Sunday event or something we "go to," but it is who we are as a people in Christ. Life Groups are diverse communities of people growing as the church while living life together.
Gospel Community
True gospel community doesn't exist for itself, but rather for the good of the Church and the communities in which we live. However idyllic one envisions this to be, it's not a group of perfect people in community, but a collection of imperfect people clinging to a perfect Christ. This is true gospel community: relationships that are centered around the grace of God in Christ Jesus, increasing our joy in Him. It's messy, but rewarding.
As you experience real community in Life Groups, you'll discover that they are different from Bible studies because they emphasize mission. The mission of Life Groups is to be the church to the communities in which we live, work and play by living out the gospel of Jesus.

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