We're so excited to get together this July for VBS! If you don't know what VBS is, it stands for Vacation Bible School. Basically, we get together and have tons of with all of our awesome KidsPoint Kids and kids from all around the metroplex. We play crazy games, sing songs, make crafts, and most of all, share about Jesus. We want our little ones to have a blast learning about who God is and how our hope comes from Jesus.

We haven't had VBS in almost two years, so want to make this year better than ever! You can help us do that by doing two things, register your kids early and sign up to serve with us! VBS work week will be July 18-24, the week right before VBS. We're going to flip our building upside down and turn into the best jungle in Oak Cliff! Click this link to sign up: https://linktr.ee/lifepointdallas