Life change happens in groups that love one another and live the gospel of Jesus, together.

That never stops, even in the midst of a pandemic. We will gather in Worship Groups starting August 16—adhering to health and safety guidelines and at the discretion of each group leader and member—to practice what is preached in our online services. When you connect to a Worship Group here at LifePoint, you join our continuing efforts to build a culture that is not selfish or vain but one that, in humility, values one another above self.
What to Expect Each Weekend
Each Worship Group will be assessed and evaluated weekly and adjustments/tweaks will be made as necessary. We will communicate through email and social media for what you can expect each week at your Worship Group location. Additionally, we will continue hosting services online each weekend. Worship Groups will be consist of 8-10 adults and their children, and will take part in our online service. Families will have the opportunity to sing together, give together, grow together, and take communion together.

Looking to find community? Filling out our short interest form below is the best way of connecting you to a Worship Group.