Back to Our Roots

The Church was rooted in living rooms. No joke, look it up! The Church, even in her infant stages, has always met in homes.

In Acts 2, we see the Church just getting started, and the Bible makes it clear on how the early Christians went about their week. Acts 2:46 tells that the Church gathered, “day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts”. Life was simple. You loved Jesus, worked hard, worshiped in the temple, and spent time with your neighbors. You gathered to take Communion together, share struggles, support each other and encourage one another.

Fast Forward to 2020 and life is a little more complicated. We find ourselves in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and church looks different than what we’re used to. In just a few months we've seen schools shutdown, restaurants close, and countless businesses go belly up. We're required to wear a mask on most private property, sanitize and wash our hands every other minute. We're asked to social distance, stay 6 feet away, and although it helps keep people physically healthy, it’s detrimental to our emotional and spiritual health.

Humans weren't created to be isolated. We weren't created by God to stay in our homes and never leave. We were made for community. We were designed by God to share life with others. If you're a Christian, community is essential. Not only is it important for us as individuals, but also for the corporate health, growth, and witness of the Church. For most Christians, it feels like that’s been taken away when churches decided to meet online every week. However, I want to remind you that God is in control, and global pandemic or not, we are still the Church.

Just because LifePoint isn't physically gathering together in our building on Sundays, doesn't mean that community stops. For many of us, and for far too long, we've taken small group opportunities for granted. We've taken LifeGroups and Bible studies for granted, it's got to stop. Most of us have seen home groups as an option for spiritual growth, but today home groups are the only option.

We're getting back to our roots.

Starting Sunday, August 16th, we are inviting you to join a Worship Group and watch our online service with a small group. A number homes will be available to gather throughout the DFW metroplex to sing to the Lord, study his Word, and take Communion together.

For some of us, the health risks are still too high to be in physical groups. We understand, and we support you in that decision. However, for those who are unable to be physically present in a worship group, we are asking you to join an online worship group that will experience worship together through a “watch party”, and then connect via online groups where you can see and be seen by others.

Life has changed, and we can no longer afford to just wait and see what’s next. We must adjust, because the mission and worship of our God must never stop. It’s been too long, and the weight and distance of it all is beginning to show in many ways. So, be a part of the solution. Take the next step and sign-up today. Let us know that we can count on you and that you’re ready to follow God's direction for our church. Hopefully one day soon we can return to regular corporate worship, but when that time comes, we should never return to being isolated from community and fellowship.

To sign up for a Worship Group, click the Worship Groups box in the homepage on our app, or fill out our short online form.